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Who We Are

We are the multigenerational healthcare movement that engages, educates, and empowers minority populations to take control of their health.  Our community brings together people like you to make better-informed health decisions so that we can be included in the conversations - and the systems - that impact our health.

Why Should You Join Our Community?

We want to improve our reach and provide useful resources for our community. Please share a few details about yourself so that we may better serve you with resources and content.

As a community member, you will benefit from the following:
  • Access to exclusive health content. Gain access to personally curated health and wellness educational and relevant content. 
  • Meet and connect with other community members. Connect virtually or in-person with like-minded people who are motivated, engaged, and excited about taking control of their health.
  • Free workshops and online courses. Get inspired and motivated by guidance and uniquely tailored advice from healthcare professionals and other subject matter health experts. 
  • Earn special perks and benefits. Link with NOWINCLUDED partners to obtain access to helpful resources and opportunities to assist you in being your healthiest self.

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